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Captain John Sheridan

Captain John Sheridan assumed command of Babylon 5 on January 9, 2259 following the reassignment of Commander Sinclair. The son of a diplomatic envoy, Sheridan learned to stand up for himself and his beliefs at an early age. He has always been a strong patriot and joined EarthForce in the hope that he would somehow make a difference for his people.

During his time as an EarthForce officer, Sheridan has been assigned to so many different posts that he can't remember half of them. He began his career serving under Captain Jack Maynard on the Moon-Mars patrol and was also posted to the jump point at Io, where he first worked with Susan Ivanova.

As Captain of the Starship Agamemmnon during the Earth-Minbari War, Sheridan destroyed the Minbari flagship, the Black Star, and several accompanying vessels by mining the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Although it was EarthForce's only clearcut victory during the conflict, the Minbari feel that he won the battle dishonorably and refer to him as Starkiller.

Prior to his assignment to Babylon 5, Sheridan commanded the Agamemmnon on deep-space patrol. He was always President Santiago's first choice to replace Sinclair. During his initial months aboard Babylon 5, Sheridan had problems adjusting to his new assignment, and he still sometimes yearns to be back in command of a spaceship once more.

Sheridan is haunted by the loss of his wife, Anna, who was serving aboard the Icarus when it was mysteriously destroyed while investigating ancient ruins on Z'ha'dum. He has a younger sister, Elizabeth, and is a descendant of General Philip John Sheridan of the Union Army.

Since his childhood, Sheridan has always had an incessant curiosity. He met the Dalai Lama when he was 21 and maintains a keen interest in all religions and all alien races. He insists on giving a "good luck" speech within 24 hours of assuming a new command, collects information about secret organizations and black projects, tells corny jokes, loves fresh fruit and baseball, speaks a few words of Drazi and is partial to an occasional Jovian Sunspot.

Now president of the new Interstellar Alliance and commander of the Forces of Light, Sheridan's voice is heard by millions who both respect him and fear him. He is romantically involved with Ambassador Delenn and in one possible future they have a son named David.

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