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James McDaniel


Date of birth 25 March 1958
Location Washington D.C
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Spouse Hannelore (? - present)
Son: Dorian
Son: Evan


One of James McDaniel's first television roles, that of a militant cop, was on Steven Bochco's "Hill Street Blues." Since then, the award-winning actor has appeared in numerous television, film and theater productions, including Spike Lee's critically acclaimed "Malcolm X," starring Denzel Washington. McDaniel was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for his appearance on public television's "Storytime."

McDaniel won the prestigious Obie Award and was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his portrayal of Wendall in the New York stage production of "Before It Hits Home." He also received the Clarence Derwent Award for his performance as Paul Portier in the Tony Award-winning Broadway play, "Six Degrees of Separation."

McDaniel appeared on Broadway in "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me," with Steven Rae and Alec McGowan. Additional theater credits include parts in "Joe Turner's Come and Gone," "Balm and Gilead" and "A Soldier's Play."

Besides "Malcolm X," McDaniel's film credits include "Strictly Business," Woody Allen's "Alice," "Rocket Gibraltar," "Crack in the Mirror" and "Bonzai." He has appeared in numerous television series, including "Civil Wars," "L.A. Law," "Gabriel's Fire," "A Man Called Hawk," "Crime Story" and "Kate " Allie." He has appeared on such miniseries as "Common Ground," "The Old Man and the Sea," "Murder in Black and White" and "Internal Affairs." He co-hosted the television special, "More Secrets Revealed," on ABC; and completed filming "The Road to Galveston," a television movie in which he stars opposite Cicely Tyson.

During his summer of '96 hiatus from "NYPD Blue," McDaniel filmed the feature, "Fighting Gravity" (a.k.a. "Truth or Consequences") with Kiefer Sutherland, Michael T. Williamson, Martin Sheen and Rod Steiger; and the ABC television movie, "Love Kills," starring Kristin Davis.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., McDaniel attended the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in veterinary medicine. But he knew all along that his true calling was the acting profession.

With no job waiting and $600 in his pocket, McDaniel headed for New York City. He took voice and dance lessons before landing his first job in a soft-drink commercial.

McDaniel, his wife, Hannelore, and their two sons, Dorian and Evan, reside in Los Angeles.


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