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Season SIX 1998 to 1999

Tuesday, October 20 1998 - Season Premiere - "Top Gum"

Simone, Sipowicz and Fancy are annoyed by the presence of retired cop Mike Roberts, who has been hired by the murder victim's father to keep a lid on his son's alleged homosexual lifestyle. Meanwhile, Costas lends a big assist to Russell and Kirkendall in their investigation of a teenage girl's rape. 

Tuesday, October 27 1998 - "Cop In a Bottle"

The detectives of the 15th precinct investigate a double homicide involving one of their own, an alcoholic cop who seems to have done the right thing, but can't remember key details about the incident. The situation becomes more precarious as the cop's lieutenant tries to use the incident to get him kicked off the force.

Tuesday, November 10 1998 - "Numb & Number"

Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez try to unravel the confusing information given by the suspect in the murder of a Pakistani man, who was found semi-naked in a park. Meanwhile, Simone's deteriorating health continues to worry Russell and leads Sipowicz into conflict with everyone, including Costas. 

Tuesday, November 17 1998 - "Brother's Keepers"

Simone languishes in the hospital awaiting a new heart, Sipowicz spirals out of control and Russell hangs on by a threat in this intensely taut episode. Beginning with the eerie image of an enshrouded Simone and ending with Fancy soliciting a cop's young wife for her husband's heart, "Brother's Keepers" deals with the squad's investigation of an old woman's brutal murder while they struggle to keep their fears and frustrations for Simone in check.

Tuesday, November 24 1998 - "Hearts and Souls"

As Russell fumbles with Simone's shirt buttons the day he is to be discharged from the hospital, the swarthy, strapping detective looks like a frail and frightened little boy, yellow fluid oozing from beneath his starched white shirt. The squad's nervous anticipation of their colleague's release then turns to devastation when it becomes clear that an infection jeopardizes Simone's ten-day-old heart transplant.

Totally distraught, Sipowicz is thrown by the unexpected appearance of his intoxicated ex-wife, who timidly asks for his help on a DWI charge. Overcome with grief about the past--and the present--Sipowicz expresses remorse about his treatment of Katie and confides in Costas, "my new friend is gonna die . . . he told me in his eyes."

Russell clashes with Dr. Swan--who recommends brain surgery after Simone experiences a seizure--and asks for Dr. Carreras to visit. After sharing his grim prognosis with Russell, Carreras assures Simone that he understands the signal Simone will give when "it's time . . . to stop fighting."

In a half-dream, half-reality sequence, Simone lies on a rooftop amid his beloved pigeons, murmuring remembrances of parochial school and the job while Fancy, Martinez, Medavoy and Kirkendall silently and tearfully bid him goodbye. As the son he never had reaches out for him, Simone's hand is squeezed by Sipowicz, who promises to take care of Russell. Russell remains beside her failing husband as he removes the oxygen tube from his face, gives the signal and smiles one last time.

Tuesday, December 1 1998 - "Danny Boy"

Danny Sorenson transfers from Narcotics to the 15th Precinct's detective squad. While he and Sipowicz lead a double homicide investigation, Sorenson struggles to overcome the squad's suspicion of his techniques and intentions. Meanwhile, Costas has misgivings about the accuracy of the past conviction of a teenager and asks a reluctant Sipowicz for help.

Tuesday, December 8 1998 - "Czech Bouncer"

Sipowicz mentors Sorenson when the latter goes overboard with a suspect in the killing of two elderly gift shop owners; and Russell and Kirkendall investigate the murder of a strip club patron and are shocked to learn that they know someone who is working there as a dancer.

Tuesday, December 15 1998 - "Raging Bulls"

When a white beat cop accidentally shoots a black undercover officer, racial tension between Sipowicz and Fancy explodes violently. 

Tuesday, January 5 1999 - "Grime Scene"

Russell and Sorenson scramble to close a stabbing case so that Kirkendall's son, a witness to the incident, doesn't have to testify; and Russell is tempted to drink.

Tuesday, January 12 1999 - "Show and Tell"

Sipowicz and Sorenson are beyond frustrated when the FBI and Internal Affairs show up and meddle with their investigation of a family of dirty cops who may have been involved in a robbery-homicide. Meanwhile, Medavoy chafes at being the butt of one of Sipowicz's jokes; and Diane, still consumed with grief, reaches out for help.

Tuesday, February 9 1999 - "Big Bang Theory"

An apartment building gigolo is the prime suspect when one of the elderly ladies he "visited" is murdered; and Sorenson turns to Sipowicz for advice when a friend appears to be on the brink of a breakdown.

Tuesday, February 16 1999 - "What's Up, Chuck?"

"Upstairs" John (Bill Brochtrup) fears that Dolores' downward spiral might have ended tragically, and when Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate her disappearance, they face off with a high profile attorney (Daniel Benzali) from Sipowicz' past.

Tuesday, February 23 1999 - "Dead Girl Walking"

A girl thought to be dead really isn't, in spite of her mother's positive identification. Meanwhile, a member of the 15th takes a bullet as a stakeout suddenly turns violent.

Tuesday, March 2 1999 - "Raphael's Inferno"

Tuesday, April 6 1999 - "I Have a Dream"

Sorenson's acquaintance with a drug dealer proves helpful when a cop is accused of prematurely shooting a suspect; Russell and Kirkendall fear that a bitter neighborly dispute could get out of hand; and Sipowicz has a recurring dream about his past which helps him come to terms with his present. 

Tuesday, April 13 1999 - "'Tain't Misbehavin'"

Sorenson and his girlfriend, Nadine, experience an emotional crisis; and Sipowicz gives a convincing performance as a heavy in order to secure a murder confession.

Tuesday, April 20 1999 - "Don't Meth With Me"

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the death of a woman whose spoiled, drug-using son is a prime suspect; and retired cop Mike Roberts needs help from his former colleagues when it appears that he may be responsible for a crime at his current job.

Tuesday, April 27 1999 - "Mister Roberts"

A troubled former cop meets an unfortunate end, which causes the detectives to reflect back on his cries for help. Sipowicz feels especially guilty about the situation until information from John Irvin leads him to the source of the tragedy.

Tuesday, May 4 1999 - "Judas Priest"

Sipowicz and Sorenson work to tighten their case against Malcolm Cullinan, the man responsible for the deaths of Mike Roberts and Dolores Mayo, but suffer a setback when John Irvin makes a big mistake. Meanwhile, Kirkendall's relationship with A.D.A. Leo Cohen seems severely damaged; and Sipowicz enlists Fancy to help troubled former cop Dornan.

Tuesday, May 11 1999 - "I'll Draw You a Mapp"

Sipowicz is eager to testify in the Cullinan murder trial, but Costas worries that Sipowicz is no match for defense attorney James Sinclair. Much to Sipowicz's chagrin, Costas thinks Sorenson will make a stronger witness. Meanwhile, Russell and Kirkendall lead the investigation of a home invasion murder in which the widow becomes the prime suspect.

Tuesday, May 18 1999 - "Voir Dire This"

While Sipowicz continues to be haunted by attorney James Sinclair, the Cullinan murder trial takes a horrific turn, and the lives of the 15th Precinct detectives will never be the same.

Tuesday, May 25 1999 - "Season Finale"

Passions ignite when the detectives of the 15th Precinct go on a personal crusade to implicate the suspect they hold responsible for the death of one of their own.

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Det. Andy Sipowicz
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PAA Donna Abandando
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PW Janice Licalsi
ADA Laura Michaels

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